The chemical industry has been identified as one of most powerful sources of wastewater pollution. The effluent discharged from a chemical industry contains varying concentrations of organic and inorganic contaminants, most of which are toxic, mutagenic and non-biodegradable, which not only creates a unique challenge for treatment but also reduces the performance efficiency of many treatment unit operations.

To comply with stringent regulatory norms, most of the chemical industries incorporate multiple treatment processes to treat wastewater of varied composition. This results in increased cost of operation and maintenance. Furthermore, as majority of the solutions are not single staged process, the possibility of inadequate treatment is very high. Thus, the lack of viable treatment solutions in the market, increase in public concern about environmental issues, stringent judiciary norms and eco-friendly clientele has placed chemical industry under severe pressure.

Aksharaganga offers solutions based on a patented technology to effectively process the wastewater within discharge norms, at an affordable cost, and in a fully automated process, which is easy to operate. The key benefits of the solution are :

Zero Liquid Discharge without evaporation and incineration

Effective treatment without chemicals (No – chemical process)

Totally automated process with little or no intervention required

Treated water may be re-used in the manufacturing process

Affordable operational cost

Fully removes arsenic, nitrates, heavy metals and flourides

COD and BOD reduced by more than 90%

Complete absence of hazardous Aerosols

Single Solution that takes care of removal of all kinds of contamination, odour and colour

Produces inert sludge that can be easily handled