Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world, production of which requires large volumes of water. It is also a highly polluting industry as 50%-55% of the total water used is discharged as effluents. The wastewater is typically generated from the pulping process and mechanical mucilage removers and contains high concentrations of fermenting sugar, TSS ( Total Suspended Solids ), alkaloids, tannin and polyphenolics – which makes the degradation of organic material very difficult.

In the last few decades, the environmental threats caused by discharge of ineffectively treated coffee effluents have increased exponentially. People residing in vicinity of coffee industries, who consume the polluted water, suffer from various diseases such as spinning sensation, eye, ear and skin irritation, stomach pain, nausea and severe breathing problems. Furthermore, the effluents are also very harmful for the aquatic and wildlife. Hence, there is an immediate need to curb this problem with innovative, viable and eco-friendly techniques.

Aksharaganga offers solutions based on a patented technology to effectively process the wastewater within discharge norms, at an affordable cost, and in a fully automated process, which is easy to operate. The key benefits of the solution are:

Zero Liquid Discharge without evaporation and incineration

Effective treatment without chemicals (No – chemical process)

Totally automated process with little or no intervention required

Treated water may be re-used in the manufacturing process

Affordable operational cost

Fully removes TSS

COD and BOD reduced by more than 90 %

Complete absence of hazardous Aerosols

Single Solution that takes care of removal of all kinds of contamination, odour and colour

Produces inert sludge that can be easily handled