Water plays an important part in the leather industry. It requires 30 to 40 ltrs of water for processing one kilogram of rawhide to finished leather. Traditionally, most of the tanneries have been located next to water bodies or rivers, as a source of water supply and discharge. The composition of effluent from the tanneries is complex mix of many toxic contaminants. Firstly, the wastewater from beam house process is highly alkaline and contains decomposing organic matter, hair, lime, sulphide and organic nitrogen with high levels of BOD and COD. Secondly, the wastewater from tanyard process contains chromium which is acidic and coloured.

In the conventional solutions deployed by the industry today, each contaminant of the effluent requires different processes, thereby increasing cost and complexity of operation. In addition to the above, the conventional solutions are not able to treat the wastewater effectively on many parameters like Chromium etc. The leather industry is finding these solutions unviable and ineffective to deploy, and hence the untreated effluent is being discharged into the environment. This is highly toxic causing wide-spread contamination. The industry is under pressure from the government, environmental bodies and Judiciary to adhere to the norms of discharge or could face a threat of closure.

Aksharaganga offers solutions based on a patented technology to effectively process the wastewater within discharge norms, at an affordable cost, and in a fully automated process which is easy to operate. The key benefits of the solution are :

Zero Liquid Discharge without evaporation and incineration

Effective treatment without chemicals (No – chemical process)

Totally automated process with little or no intervention required

Treated water may be re-used in the tanning process

Affordable operational cost

Fully removes Chromium and other heavy metals used in tannery process

COD and BOD reduced by more than 90 %

Complete absence of hazardous Aerosols

Single Solution that takes care of removal of all kinds of contamination, odour and colour