Water is a vital necessity for all key stages of the Textile industry. It requires around 200 ltrs of water to manufacture 1 kilogram of textile, out of which only 10% is consumed and the rest needs to be treated. Furthermore, due to wide variety of process steps, textile wastewater typically contains a complex mixture of organic and inorganic contaminants such as high color content, suspended solids, salts, nutrients, heavy metals and chlorinated compounds. Dye bath, a recalcitrant by nature, is often rated as the most polluting contaminant amongst all industrial sectors.

The conventional mode of effluent treatment is largely done through primary and secondary processes. However, these systems are not very effective in removal of hazardous contaminants such as dissolved solids, color, toxic metals, residual chlorine, refractory materials and acidic/alkalinity of the solution. The lack of viable solutions in the market, increase in public concern about environmental issues, stringent judiciary norms and eco-friendly clientele has placed textile industry under pressure and has also led to closure of several small-scale companies.

Aksharaganga offers solutions based on a patented technology to effectively process the wastewater within discharge norms, at an affordable cost, and in a fully automated process, which is easy to operate. The key benefits of the solution are :

Zero Liquid Discharge without evaporation and incineration

Effective treatment without chemicals (No – chemical process)

Totally automated process with little or no intervention required

93% – 97% recovery of water which can be re-used

Fully removes color, dissolved solids, toxic metals and chlorine used in the manufacturing process

Affordable operational cost

COD and BOD reduced by more than 90%

Single Solution for removal of all kinds of contamination